9-20-21 RESULTS

9-20-21 WINNERS

1st Bill Steinmetz
2nd Pete Holohan
Consolation: Ellington Heathcock Rutledge – Jelks III
2nd Consolation: Joel Levy


With imperturbable board presence, in spite of being given VERY ordinary dice by the Backgammon God, Jim executed flawlessly in relegating his opponents to backgammon obscurity on a beautiful Saturday in the Land of Lincoln. Superior checker-play, coupled with superb cube-play enabled Jim to win the prestigious Springfield Series Championship; a tournament played by many, but won by few. Congratulations, Jim.

Your victory was well-earned. St. Louis Gateway Backgammon Club.

god: 2021 Minnesota OPEN Champion and future member of the Backgammon Hall-of-Fame…..Gerry Tansey
August 2, 2021
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Joel LevyBruce DossettJim FeherElliot Heathcock Rutledge – Jelks III