The St. Louis Gateway Backgammon Club will host a BMAB-USA event along with the ABT tournament on October 19.

The format will be five 9-point matches. The first four rounds will be paired randomly and the final round will be paired using Swiss pairings. All matches will be recorded and transcribed into XG match files and analyzed by the current version of eXtremeGammon using BMAB settings.

To register for the BMAB or for more information, please contact: Roberto Litzenberger ([email protected])

Full details here

FEES: $100 entry – $100 return, $50 registration, $25 transcription fee


  • Win/loss record Side Pool A, $50 – 100% return
  • Win/loss record Side Pool B, $100 – 100% return, players must be in side pool A to enter B
  • PR Side Pool C, $100 – 110% return

SCHEDULE: Thursday, October 19

  • 10:30am – Registration
  • 11:00am – Draws announced
  • 11:15am – Play for rounds 1-4 begins
  • Friday, October 20, 10am – Play for round 5 begins

For more information, contact event directors:

David Todd(314) 749-9687
Jim Feher[email protected]